Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing at Corporate Events is the new way to stay in touch with the whole company. We’ll save you time and money by supplying the latest, most efficient equipment, from the best, most reliable manufacturers.

Video Walls

Bring to life your corporate event by including video conferencing and video wall systems. We also have a professional audio visual installations team committed to providing unrivalled service for audio visual.

Professional Audio Visual System Installation/Hire

We understand that audio visual system installation can be very troublesome and would advise anyone who needs audio visual equipment to get it installed or hired from professionals. We can offer audio visual systems for many different kind of consumers, installing equipment or one off hire for your business/corporate meetings, such as active and passive speaker systems, including 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, TV flat screens, projectors and video conference equipment. We will work to your needs to ensure installation is as simple and productive as possible. When performing your installation or hire agreement we also make sure health and safety regulations are met and you feel confident knowing this.

Video Conference Equipment

Video conferencing is something that we are all using more frequently every day. It allows people to communicate around the world in real time! Cut down your cost by letting your company hold such meetings. We can arrange and maintain a multitude of video conference equipment and other audio visual systems that will empower valuable and professional video conferencing. We supply all levels of video conference equipment, including ISDN, IP and HD, as well as a host of other audio visual equipment.

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