Add this Package to your wedding to give it that extra special design!


Adding LED Lighting at every Visual Music Production wedding makes the ambience just right. Every wedding either has a theme, or perhaps a set of colours, giving you that superb eye catching style. We can carry this on matching your wedding colours or theme with special mood LED up lighting, These LED’s can be used to create focal points like a monogram machine can bring out many aspects within the venue you have chosen. We can light up your doorways, curtains, alcoves, pillars turning them into breathtaking backdrops transforming the room.

We can take any venue you choose and display your colours around that room, specially tailored personally for you.


Your chosen colour or colours can be displayed continuously and give off almost no heat. You can have them running through your colours fading in and out from one to the other, or static on your set colour. LED Lighting brightness and colour contrast can be altered to suit your particular taste anytime for the night especially over custom backdrops, nice and bright during the day and then maybe dimmed and used as fast chase effect to the beat of the music when the dancing begins! These combined effects set your wedding off with no comparison!

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