At Kids parties, High School Dances and Discos, the volume of people is usually high and the venue is quite large. We like to bring out our pro sound and lighting equipment so the sound is heard and the whole function is lit up! Once again you can choose your package and even add on additional extras like maybe a video wall or a couple of projectors to display your end of year achievements. With the music we keep a very strict policy to play only the clean radio versions of your playlist requested, making sure everyone is happy!

For a Kids Party we would recommend our Kids Total Package. This is a very professional set up, with state of the art sound system and Intelligent Lighting. Being around kids we also bring one of our Premium DJ Booths which is very safe and secure. It glows and the lights move to the music.

kids-party-danceWe can host party games like Musical Statues and Musical Chairs if possible for younger kids. We can hold a Dance Competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and if they wanted to try out their balancing techniques we can also hold a Limbo Competition (This goes down good for the 10-17 year olds).
Sometimes we have let the kids use the microphone to say thank you for coming or sing along with a song (not quite karaoke as we don’t run the words). I also have a bunch of songs which the kids usually dance to as featured in the gif pictures below, like Macarena or the The Cha Cha Slide etc..

Popular extra packages for Kids Parties & High School Dances are:

Full Spread Laser Show:

 room3Kids Party Laser

Video Walls & Projector Screens:

VJ3School Prom

Bubble Machines:

Bubble Machine Party 2Bubble machine party

Smoke/Haze Machine:

smoke machine 2Smoke Machine

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