Four actors playing different roles throughout the Evening


Interactive Dinning, so the sketches are played out around the tables, 70% of the evening is scripted; remaining is interaction with the guests, so every show is different. Evening is based on Boycie and Marlene hosting a Gala Dinner, to celebrate Tylers Birthday, your guests are all invited. The night starts with Marlene and Boycie mingling with the guests at the bar prior to being seated at the tables by Boycie. Once the guests are seated, Del and Rodney make an appearance dressed as Batman and Robin believing they are going to a fancy dress party then the fun begins. Further sketches follow, including the blow up dolls, Del boy and his suitcase, Del and the pratfall, Trigger and his broom, Uncle Albert when I was in the war, and much more.
Evening comes to a climax with Raquel and Tony singing “CWING” this will have everybody crying with laughter. Cast mingle with the guests after the show for photographs ect. Props will be provided for the show, including labels to stick on your water jugs, PECKHAM SPRINGS.

Fawlty Towers!

Join us for the dinner event of the year which combines fine food and classic comedy action as Basil, Sybil and Manuel do their very best to look after you the only way they no how. Chaos and mayhem are served in Fawlty DESIGN 3 218x150large portions and very likely to interrupt the proceedings, but all should end well, as the of hotel and catering management do everything they can to keep the evening on course!

The Germans have booked the Function Suite Basil is not Happy!! The Health Inspector is going to pay a visit, and Manuel’s Hamster (Rat) is nowhere to be found.

Expect a big fun night out in a friendly party atmosphere with some of the finest comedy actors in the land, professionally produced to the highest standards and with your enjoyment always at the top of the menu. A faultless show that guarantees to reach chuckle muscles you never knew you had!

Addams Family!

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 22.48.21Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester and LURCH, (meat and eat) meet and greet the guests to their home, were nothing is as it seems. 

Be ready to start clicking your fingers!! They’re Creepy and They’re Cooky
Mysterious and Spooky, They’re Altogether Ooky

The Addams Family!

Interactive dining at its very best, all the sketches are played out at the tables no need for a stage 70% of the show is scripted, the remaining is audience participation, so every show is different. Your Restaurant is transformed into the Addams Family Mansion Dinning room for one night only!!! Sumptuous Three course meal served may include, Devils on Horseback, Eye of newt and toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog.
Fantastic fun evening suitable for all ages, number of props are used during the evening including eye balls that end up in a guests soup, bubbling cauldron that strange items appear, spiders, and what is going on outside in the Grave Yard with the children? Wolves are howling outside whilst the meal is being consumed. Join in with Lurch as he sings MONSTER MASH. Guests are encouraged to click their fingers and sing a long to theme song, fancy dress is an option but not essential. Cast will mingle with the guests after the show for photograph opportunities.

Fabulous? Absolutely!

ABFAB Banner 218x150 ‘An Absolutely Fabulous evening begins with the three girls in the bar; two of them appear to be drinking more than the guests. Three of the best comedy actors in the land cause chaos and mayhem the like of which you would not believe, one of the most comical evenings you will ever attend, whilst the waiters try and serve you a sumptuous three course meal.

Any one for Champagne?

Allo Allo

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 22.56.53Welcome to Renée and Edith’s restaurant – but you may have chosen a bad night.

Renée has agreed to look after the painting of the Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies in the cellar, to keep it safe till the war is over. But Herr Flick of the Gestapo is on its trail on the orders of Hitler himself – and he’s coming tonight!

Michelle of the French resistance could not have picked a worse time to hide the British airmen in the same hotel. Renée will have to use all his ingenuity – not to mention his wife’ appalling cabaret singing – to throw Herr Flick off the scent. It won’t be easy, especially when Officer Crabtree turns up to lend a hand. Featuring a host of favourite characters from the classic sitcom, this evening of food and comedy will make sure, as officer Crabtree might say, “You will stool be loafing tomorrow moaning!”

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